Blick in das Hafthaus


The Bautzner Straße Dresden Memorial is a place of remembrance, education, and encounter. It commemorates the victims of political persecution in the Soviet occupation zone and the GDR, documents their fates, and makes them permanently accessible to the public. It also offers those affected, space for exchange and encounters.

At the same time, the memorial researches the history of the historic area. She examines the causes, structures, methods, and consequences of dictatorships and the ideologies on which they are based. The results flow into the historical-political educational work. The reference to fundamental and human rights forms a central level of reflection, through which the connection to current political and social developments can be established.

The memorial maintains cooperation with many partner organizations, educational institutions, museums, archives, and associations from Saxony, Germany, and the neighboring countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The focus of the cross-border exchange is, in particular, the work with contemporary witnesses, the history of political persecution and opposition as well as the system transformation in East Germany and the states of the former "Eastern Bloc."

In addition, the memorial with educational – and other – events, panel discussions, as well as exhibitions, offers the opportunity to deal with a wide range of historical and current topics.

Photo: View of the remand prison, ©